Psssst…Correcting bad behavior is as simple as that.

As a resent gift, we received on DVD, Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan. While this is not a review of Dog Whisperer, I did find his methods of correcting bad behavior very interesting. The one point he stresses repeatedly is the need to maintain dominance and control. To be the pack leader and act like the pack leader. He uses a psssst sound as a signal of displeasure or disapproval. This usually gets the dogs attention and if it doesn’t, he will poke several fingers in the dogs neck and make the psssst sound at the same time. He says this simulates dog’s teeth and for a dog, biting is a natural method of correcting bad behavior.

Pearl is a hound mix that became a resident of RiverRest after showing up as a stray last summer. Opie is our retriever mix and she has been the only dog for several years now, at seven years she is not a young pup any more. Problem is Pearl does not realize this and wants to romp and roll and play tug-a-war with Opies neck. The psssst method has been very effective in correcting this behavior. It has also been successful in teaching her to sit and wait while Opie goes out the door first. I find this much more effective than shouting “NO”.

If you haven’t seen the Dog Whisperer I do recommend it. Cesar Millan is informative and entertaining with his methods of behavioral training.


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