Sue Sue, No Sissy Poodle

Sue Sue was my grandmother’s black Poodle. She was devoted to Grandma. She was no sissy poodle. She loved to retrieve things. She’d play ball all day long if you had the time. She’d jump into the swimming hole to fetch a stick or a rock (we were mean). She could also jump pretty high to grab a ball out of your hand.

Sue Sue even won a ribbon in a dog show. One fall, when I was about 10 years old, someone suggested I enter her in the dog show at the Highland County Fair in Monterey. I guess they didn’t think I’d do it.

The next day I found myself lifting her up onto a table in the show ring. It didn’t matter that she had not been groomed in about a month. When the announcer said over the loudspeaker “Here’s Susie and her dog Sue Sue”, I heard many chuckles and “oh how cute” from the audience. I was naive of the fact that the other dogs were prepared months ahead and probably did many shows in a year. They were professionals and I watched them until our turn came up. I positioned her and held her head & tail up like I saw the other handlers do. We won 6th place in a field of 6 entries. OK, it was a gimme. I didn’t realize it at the time. I just knew that we had won a dog show ribbon. That and a new expereince.

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