An Unexpected Visit to the Vet

We were getting ready to go to work yesterday. The phone rang. It was Tracy, our neighbor. She called to tell us that our dog Pearl had just been hit by a car. She said it looked like the car had run over her foot (and no, he did not stop). There were broken bones. I told her we’d be right over to get her.

Charley went to get Pearl while I called the vet. He brought her back to the house. I peeked in the back of the car to see that Shane had splinted and wrapped her foot. Quite nicely too, he’s a fireman. Tracy and Shane are like Pearl’s other family. Pearl loves to go to their house and play with Drake, their black lab. Apparently, they also like to chase cars.

When we got to the vet they gave her an injection of morphine and took xrays. The abdominal xray showed no injury (thank goodness). The xray of her leg told a different story. All four metatarsals (the long thin bones of the foot) had all been fractured.

The good new was that surgery was not the only option for successful healing. Dr. Mast told us that she should heal nicely with a splint. She showed us the splint she would use. It’s called a Meta Splint. It has a hard plastic shell with foam inside. One end is shaped like a spoon to cradle the foot. She used vet wrap to secure it. We had instructions to keep Pearl confined and to keep her bandage dry. We were given Rimadyl for pain. It will take 6-8 weeks for Pearl’s foot to heal.

When we got home Pearl went immediately to her bed. She has been eating well. She learned quickly to hold her leg up when walking. She is getting around very well. Up until now she has been “Poor, Pitiful Pearl”. I have started to call her “Hop Along”, at least temporarily.

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