Poor, Pitiful Pearl

pearl-the-stray-dog-2 I was on my way to work one morning when I saw a young dog down at the end of our driveway. She was a hound / beagle type dog. I thought she belonged to one of our neighbors so I kept going. In my rear view mirror I saw that she was following me, so of course I stopped to see if she would come to me.

She looked pretty scared. When I called her she ran into a culvert that goes underneath the road. After playing hide and seek for a few minutes she finally came out and approached me, allowing me to pick her up. We got into the truck and headed up to the house.  I guess Charley has grown accustomed to having me show up with strays. He showed no surprise when I walked in with this young dog in my arms.

After finding that no one in the neighborhood would claim her, I took her by my friend Pat who managed a nearby campground. I knew that many of the regular campers there were dog lovers. I was hoping she could possibly help me find her a good home. Pat had just gotten a puppy that looked very much like our little find. The two pups looked like they could be sisters. Pat said “Leave her with me. I’ll ask around to see if anyone is interested”.

The two pups became fast friends and Pat became attached to both of them. After about a week Pat called me to say that I should come get the pup. The campground owners would only allow her to have one dog and she wasn’t having any luck finding ours a home. So, I went to pick her up. I saw that this wasn’t easy for Pat so I didn’t prolong the parting by hanging around.

After getting the pup home we made the decision to make her part of our family. The task of finding the right name for her was the next step. She was looking up at me with that hound dog look and in response I said “poor, pitiful Pearl”.

Charley looked at me and said “For as long as I have known you, your reply when a dog looks at you with those sad eyes is “Poor Poor Pitiful Pearl! I think we should name her Pearl!”

So, we had a new dog and her name is Pearl. We made her a “den” in the house using a big box and a quilt. She found comfort there while getting to know us and Opie, who was up until then our lone dog. Pearl quickly won our hearts. Opie found a new playmate. The cats found a new friend. Pearl gets along with everyone. She is such a great addition to our family.

She is very smart and catches on quickly. She learned to let herself in the house by pushing open the basement door. She will fetch an egg if a hen lays one in the woods. I sometimes let her keep it as a reward for being such a good girl. I know that she secretly sneaks away with them when we are not looking.

Pearl is a free spirit. She loves running through the woods on the mountain. A typical hound. Let that nose of hers get a wiff of something interesting and she’s off on the chase. Her frequent companion and partner in crime is Drake, the neighbors black lab. She often goes over to Drake’s house for playtime. Drake hangs out here at our house often. He always comes over to see if Pearl can come out to play.

When we come back from a trip to town she is always excited to see us. It takes 5 minutes of hugs and body rubs to calm her down.

Pearl is such a live for the moment, sensitive, fun loving creature. It’s hard not to envy her carefree life. Though, I wouldn’t begrudge her one minute of it. Enjoy life Pearl!

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