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“God made the cat in order that man
might have the pleasure of caressing the lion.”

~ Fernand Mery

“If I called her she would pretend not to hear,
but would come a few moments later
when it could appear that she had thought of doing so first.”

~ Arthur Weigall

“The smart cat doesn’t let on that he is.”
~ H.G. Frommer

“A meow massages the heart.”
~ Stuart McMillan

“Cats only pretend to be domesticated
if they think there’s a bowl of milk in it for them.”

~ Robin Williams

“A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution.”
~ Hazel Nicholson

“Ignorant people think it is the noise
which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain’t so;
it is the sickening grammar that they use.

~ Mark Twain

“One must love a cat on its own terms.”
~ Paul Gray

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”
~ May Sarton

“It always gives me a shiver
when I see a cat seeing what I can’t see.”

~ Eleanor Farjeon

“People that hate cats
will come back as mice in their next life.”

~ Faith Resnick

Cat Quotations Page 1 2 3 4