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eddy&balsamI am not a Pet Care expert. I have had the pleasure of being a part of many dogs and cats lives over the years. My first job in pet care was as a Kennel Attendant at an Animal Clinic. Up until that time I had thought about becoming a Veterinarian. I quickly learned however that I couldn’t deal with the issue of euthanasia without becoming too emotional.

Ten years later I found myself again working as a Kennel Attendzeb-german-shepard-maleant & then Manager of a boarding kennel. This led me in to going to grooming school & opening my own shop. Later I added a Pet Sitting Service to the business. The Pet Sitting grew into its own business. I closed the grooming shop & became a full time Pet Sitter 24/7. It was hard for me to turn away customers and even harder for me to trust the care of their pets to anyone but myself. The result of this was job burnout.

When my husband asked me to come work for the family business, I sold the Pet Sitting business & sadly said goodbye to all my 4 legged friends. I have to admit though it was refreshing to have weekends off sprocket-gray-tabby-catand not have to drive from house to house all day.

So here I am, sticking my toe back into the pet care waters. I hope I can help those of you looking for answers to your pet care questions. These days my focus is on having healthy pets by natural, alternative holistic methods. After all this time I’m still learning. I’ll try to it pass on, the good and the bad. Stay Tuned.

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